Following some basic health tips

You can have all the luxuries and all the money in the world but if you don’t have your health you have nothing. In the life that we lead today we need our health to keep up everything from the business world to the metro! The fact of the mater is that health has taken a back seat and we don’t give enough time and importance to it. So the time as come to make taking of your health as simple as possible. Hopefully these very healthy tips are something you can inculcate quickly and easily in your daily life.

No extra fat.

It’s important to keep your weight in check. Obesity can lead to many other diseases and discomforts. People who are overweight are prone to joint pains, lethargy, diabetes, haemorrhoids etc. So it’s important that your weight is proportional to you height and your Body Mass Index (BMI) is in the given limit.

Health Tip 2: Exercise

You need some sort of exercise even if you are a Greek god! Exercise is a must for general health not just for weight loss. It gets the blood circulation going, keeps the joints supple and keeps you happy thanks to the endorphins! So even if it just a 30 min walk or 2 hours in a gym try and incorporate some sort of exercise!

Eat Right

Eat a healthy, well balanced meal, Balanced being the operative word. We can’t always eat all the food groups; we can always follow the South Beach Diet or the Blood Group Diet! What we can do is eat in moderation and try and cut down on the aerated, the fried, the fatty or cheesy! No one is saying cut them out all together but we are saying to reduce the quantity and eat right as much as possible. Our food lacks the nutritive value that it once had because of the change in faming process. So supplement your food with Vitamin tablets. It will help you in the long run.

Bust the stress

This may be one of the most important health tips of them all. Stress can cause everything from a stroke to hair fall. So do what it takes to keep your stress level at a bare minimum. Take a dance class, yoga, play with your dogs or just go to the spa!

Routine check Ups

Another important health tips is getting a routine check up. Once a year take the time to go to for a full body check up just to make sure you are doing fine. In case something is wrong you will be able to catch it in time and make the treatment easier. If everything is okay there is nothing like having a clean bill of health.

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