Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes – flax-n-berries with cream!

Are you struggling to find a fast, healthy breakfast recipe?  Healthy breakfast recipes can be tough to come by… and that’s why I’m here!

How about a breakfast recipe that is nutritional and fills you up, too?

Flax-n-Berries With Cream The ingredients are as follows: Non-Fat Vanilla (or Greek) Yogurt Low-Fat Granola Mix with Almonds Fresh (or frozen) blueberries Fresh (or frozen) mixed berries Banana

WARNING:   This can be a very addicting breakfast recipe for you!  Just be sure to check out the food labels when you choose the ingredients. Certain yogurts that claim to be low-fat can still be very high in fat, and certain granola products can stack up in sodium AND fat.

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