Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Weight Loss Tips That Really Work –

About 3 weeks ago (and it’s February 9, 2009), I discovered a simple-to-follow weight loss strategy/tip that will literally improve your life overnight. It’s a game of numbers and it’s a game that will be fun and interactive while helping you fit into your pants better! Here’s how it works:

Get into the habit of looking at your watch every single day at 3pm with one simple goal in mind:  Tally up the number of calories you took in for the day up to that point, trying to keep it under 1,300 (estimated) calories up to that point.  It sounds easy and it sounds too simple to be effective. However, it’s a tip that will forever change the way you live your life.  In just 3 weeks, I notice that I am very critical about every bite that goes into my mouth.  If you stay focused on the number of calories you put into your mouth up to 5pm, you will be settting the stage to remain at a weight loss/weight management number for the day.

Keep in mind the cavemen principles when you focus on counting your calories. Try to “work for your food.”  If you haven’t read the cavemen article, it has been published in media outlest across the country!  It is a very simple yet effective approach to consuming the right amount of calories in a given day. You can read the article by following this link:  http://ezinearticles.com/?Weight-Loss—Cavemen-Concepts-That-Stood-the-Test-of-Time&id=1939090

Be sure to try looking at your watch every day at 5pm,  for 7 days in a row, and be the judge as to how it works for you.  After 7 days, send me an email or comment on this post with your feedback.

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