Vacuum Massage

Have you ever ordered the wrong thing accidentally on-line?

I ordered a Servant a couple of months ago, to help with cleaning and massaging and such like, imagine my disappointment when I opened the door to discover that I had ordered a Savant by mistake.

She does nothing around the house in the way of vacuuming but can tell me pi to 22465 decimal places, I can’t help but thinking that this is not as useful as it sounds!

Damn fine print, I can’t even get a refund as I have taken here out of the packaging…

Have you any similar stories of such woe?

Yeah…..I thought I ordered a 26 year old Russian bride. It turns out I ordered a 62 year old Russian bride. It worked out OK though. She is a strong woman who can cut a lot of firewood and she plows the field by hand.

vacuum massage

Celluless Vacuum Therapy Free Citrus Oil As Seen on Tv


CELLULESS Beauty and body firming is ideal for buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and legs, reduces fat and Cellulitis. 110V. Celluless is a system of suction that reduces the cellulitis in buttocks, thighs and abdomen using the technique of the Vacumteraphy, considered the best therapeutic alternative. The Vacumtherapy stimulates the blood irrigation of dermis and hypodermis producing improvements in …

Genuine Kirby Ultimate G, Diamond Ed. Massage Cup


Massage cup…

Alsons Delta Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Delta Faucet 75580 In2ition 2-in-1 Handshower and Showerhead System


Two showers in one, the Delta In2ition Shower System provides a versatile shower setup with a three-way diverter. It operates as a hand shower, a full-spray showerhead, or both at the same time. The In2ition comes with a 6-foot. tangle-free vacuum breaker hose and anti-clog nozzles.In2ition Shower SystemAt a Glance:Two-in-one interlocking hand shower and showerhead system for versatilityFive spray…

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