Exercise Motivation: Start/Stop Theory

Exercise Motivation: Start/Stop Theory

March 29, 2008

You’re in the right place for exercise motivation! ….in fact, it’s one of our specialties here at The Healthy Habits Blog.

FACT: Very few people truly enjoy exercise.

In fact, most people who exercise….

….are doing it to build a stronger heart, to look good, and for stress relief. They don’t love the actual process of working out, rather they love the results they get from it. Make sense? Let’s get into the motivation aspect now…

Whenever I need a little boost of exercise motivation, I put my mind into “Start/ Stop” mode. Here’s what it means:

• STOP doing the things that are bringing you average or below average results. (not exercising, not eating healthy)

• START doing things that will bring you great results! (exercising, eating healthy)

In addition, keep this phrase in the back of your mind and exercise motivation will be something you’ve mastered in no time at all: THE TIME IS NOW.

Say that over and over again…. it’s true, it’s powerful, and it really works. Tomorrow may be too late.

….so, right now you should educate yourself on food labels, portion sizes, exercise terminology, and other tools that can help you live a longer, healthier life.

By the way…..are you tired of all the food industry deceits, misleading food labels, and phony marketing messages that disguised foods as ‘healthy’ when they are anything BUT? Here’s your answer:




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