The Paleo Diet Plan

The Paleo diet plan is based upon the diet regimen that was formed almost ten thousand years ago. This is the diet plan of a hunter gatherer or collector during the stone-age civilization. These humans based their lives on constant traveling in search for more food. They were known for having long sustainable streams of energy which derived from their diets and eating habits. In the modern day many have modeled their dietary plans to this age to live a more fit and lean lifestyle.

One of the most impactful things that you can do to model your lifestyle like the Paleolithic man is to partake in a dietary regimen called intermediate fasting. This means skipping breakfast in exchange for larger meals for lunch and dinner. In modern society we have been sold on the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but in reality it is an unnecessary hindrance on living a healthy life style. When thinking critically during the hunter/gatherer stages of man we did not wake up to eat a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon before starting our day. The reality is before pre-historic man ate anything he worked for hours to find suitable and sustainable sources of energy. Intermediate fasting increases natural fat burning agents in your body while also increasing your energy levels.

Another significant way to model your lifestyle to Paleolithic men is to arrange your eating habits to match there. This includes eating simple natural foods like fish, nuts, veggies, sees, berries, roots like potatoes and a variety of vegetables. These a quick natural sugars that provided them with the energy to keep moving forward towards the next meal or objective. They did not prepare high carbohydrate meals such as pasta, string beans, noodles, break and dairy items including sugar. These types of meals would cause their energy to quickly burn out preventing them with the ability to remain active and on the move. If you want to truly adapt this sort of diet you must also eliminate salted foods and condiments that are high in fat such as dressings. If you are committed to taking on this type of diet you will quickly see noticeable changes in your mood, energy and how your body reacts to external pains and exercise.

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