Edelweiss: From The Swiss Alps, For Your Beauty

Edelweiss is no stranger to harsh winds, cold temperatures, and fierce solar rays. They fill most days where edelweiss grows, high in the Swiss Alps. This tiny plant has had to develop all the natural chemistry needed to thrive in its challenging environment – and that’s good news for your skin.

A major player in anti-aging creams, edelweiss is packed with compounds that make it one of the best natural resources for rejuvenating skin care. It provides protection on the cellular level to reduce sun damage, repair cells and slow their breakdown. That means younger-looking skin. Edelweiss also works to maintain collagen levels, for firmer, more elastic skin, with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Collagen is connective tissue that exists between the cells. As collagen levels decrease with age, the skin becomes thin and dry. The stimulating and rebuilding properties in edelweiss help to restore collage levels for greater elasticity and smoother, firmer skin.

In addition, edelweiss is packed with anti-oxidants that slow cell breakdown and repair cell damage. Oxidation occurs when molecules are destabilized by natural or environmental factors. Once the molecules are destabilized, they become destructive “”free radicals.”” At the skin level, free radical damage and cell breakdown lead to visible signs of aging including the development of fine lines, dry and thin skin, and loss of elasticity. Anti-oxidants help stabilize the molecules and prevent further breakdown while repairing existing damage.

One of the best ways to get plenty of cell-repairing anti-oxidants is by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but topical applications are just as important for skin health. That’s where edelweiss comes in.

Moisturizers are a blend of oils and water. The oils create a protective barrier that holds the water molecules in the skin. Selecting a natural, high quality moisturizer is the first step for healthy skin. Natural seed and nut oils blend with the skin creating a protective layer that breathes without clogging pores. And the water element is important too. Plant hydrosols are naturally astringent. They tighten pores and firm the skin without drying or damaging the cells. High quality oils and pure plant hydrosols, combined with the added protection and rejuvenating properties of edelweiss and other skin-supporting plant extracts make for a regenerative cream that does more than just moisturize: it protects, restores, rejuvenates and replenishes the skin for a complexion that radiates good health.

With the right ingredients, skin care only needs to take a few minutes a day. A good cleanser, an astringent, pore-tightening toner, and an anti-oxidant skin cream will keep your skin looking soft, supple and youthful. That, with a good natural exfoliant once or twice a week, is all you need for beautiful skin.

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