Lymphedema Treatment Options

There are lymphedema treatment options that can help. This disease is one that causes swelling due to problems such as some type of blockage within the lymphatic systems. This will hinder a person’s circulation and immunity since the natural healing of the lymphatic system will be curtailed. Since fluids are prevented from draining, the affected regions swell. This condition may develop due to organic reasons or it may be as a result of something such as an operation, radiation, infection or some sort of trauma. The limbs are the most common region of the body for this problem to show up. There’s no permanent cure for this malady but it can be controlled.

Severity of this condition can vary greatly but some common symptoms include:

– Swelling in limbs such as arms, legs, fingers or toes

– Increased thickness of skin and hardening of the tissues

– Chronic infections in the same arm, leg, finger, toe

– Generalized discomfort in the region

– Being unable to move the limb freely

– Heavy, tight sensations in the area

Healthy lymphatic functioning delivers lymph fluids to various parts of the body in order to gather up waste products and bacteria. The goal of this process is to get these toxins out through the lymph nodes. When the pathways are stopped up, the natural healing cannot occur. There are various reasons why these blockages happen:

– Inherited: Some individuals inherit this disease so it is in their genetic makeup. This is classified as primary lymphedema.

– Surgery: If lymph nodes have been damaged or removed during surgery, this may lead to inadequate drainage pathways.

– Radiation: If radioactive waves have caused scar tissue to form in these systems, they won’t be able to function properly.

– Tumors: Tumors may block these pathways and cause this condition.

– Infections and parasites: It is more common in less developed regions of the globe to have their lymph systems blocked by parasites and infections.

While there is no cure, there are lymphedema treatments that alleviate discomfort and aid in coping. Some of them include:

– Exercise: Exercising the limbs in a gentle manner prescribed by a doctor or physical therapist can aid in alleviating the discomfort.

– Massage: Massaging the area can help return blood flow and improve circulation to the region if done properly. There is a special type of massage stroke that encourages the lymph nodes to drain.

– Compression garments: Having pressurized garments to support the regions can be helpful. These can be custom fitted or bought through a medical supply distributor.

– Pneumatic sleeve: There are some sleeve devices that inflate and deflate in order to move the swelling down.

– Surgery: Sometimes a doctor will be able to remove some of the excess tissue in the region. While this isn’t a cure, it can help reduce discomfort.

Lymphedema treatment can’t cure the problem but it can help a sufferer cope with it. This malady occurs for a variety of reasons such as trauma, infection, radiation or surgery. It can be treated with one or a combination of the above methods.

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