Weight Loss Tips on How to Lose 10lbs

8 Ways to Lose 10lbs!

December 26, 2008

Small Habits. HUGE Results™

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to implement small, healthy habits into your life.  The good part is that you already know this- the tough part is actually doing it!  Don’t feel bad.  Developing healthier habits is a difficult thing to do.  It’s so much easier to stop at happy hour than it is to go right home and get your workout in.   It’s so much easier to hit snooze than it is to get out of bed and get a workout in.  My teachings take these barriers into consideration and help you either overcome or work around them.

To lose weight effectively, you have to burn more calories than you consume.  That being said, here are my favorite small things to do for increasing your chances of dropping some pounds:

1.  Start an exercise routine today. It can be 5 or 25 minutes- but just start one.  You will burn calories and  feel great doing it!

2.  Write down what you eat. 9.9 out of 10 people I speak with tell me they “eat great.” Then I ask:  What was your last meal?  They say “Oh, I splurged…..”  Then I ask, What was the meal before that?  “Oh, I had pizza…..”  Then they get the point. They see in front of their face exactly why they can’t lose weight. I teach the “calorie-tracking” method in more depth in my first book Grow on the Inside. Shrink on the Outside.™

3. Limit TV watching to 30min-1hr maximum. Watching TV is a habit you developed at some point in your life.  For example, I don’t watch TV at all-  or 30min per week MAX!  To me, there are too many important things to spend my time on… and TV is NOT one of them.

4. Research food labels. Perhaps one of the primary reasons we overeat is because we don’t know WHAT we are eating.  I encourage you to learn the ins and outs of the food label.  For example, did you know there are a lot of cans of soup have the ENTIRE daily recommended amount of sodium in them? My second book The 4 Common Sense Laws of Weight Loss™ teaches you everything you need to know about food labels, and much more about commonsense ways you can lose weight STARTING TODAY!

5. Go for a hike. Even if you don’t hike, try it today!  It’s a fun way to burn calories and relieve stress.  A hike can simply mean a long walk.  Venture into mother nature if you can, and experience the mountains and rugged terrain-  one of the best ways to burn maximum calories.

6. Eat 1/2 of one of your meals today. Notice you won’t feel hungry and most importantly you will be saving yourself hundreds of calories.  This one it tough, but stay focused. Imagine eating 1/2 of 4 meals each week. That alone would help you lose 3-6 pounds in one month. (depending on how you currently eat)

7. The lemonade stand theory: If you are starting up a lemonade stand, doesn’t it make the most sense to speak with someone who already started one?  You wouldn’t ask someone for advice who never started a lemonade stand, would you?  The same goes for losing weight!  Today, talk to someone whose fitness level or current physical figure you really admire. Ask them what they do each day to look good and feel good.

8. Go for a 15min walk/jog today. Enjoy the outdoors while burning calories! It doesn’t get much better-  if you choose to walk, try to brisk walk for some of it. If you jog, try to run for some of it.

Image if you did all 8 of these over the course of ONE week!   Each one of these are very simple to perform and don’t require a gym membership or an expensive equipment purchase. The best part is you can save/burn thousands of calories by adhering to these simple theories.  Remember:   Small Habits HUGE Results™

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