Healthy Eating Made Simple at McDonald’s

Healthy Eating Made Simple at McDonald’s

I’m in the car headed to Panama City for a long weekend- and to keep tradition (I’m not sure why), we stop for a much anticipated breakfast at the McDonalds in Eufala, Alabama. A breakfast at the golden arches is a fantastic treat since I only eat there about…once a year. We’re now about 45 minutes away from McDonalds, so I’m humoring myself by looking up nutrition information on the breakfast menu. Next time you think about ordering the ‘innocent’ sausage biscuit, think twice-below you can see how a simple decision can save you a whole lot of trouble without cutting out the fun

See how easy it is to consume nearly 1,000 calories just at breakfast? Its almost sickening to think about! Take into consideration- you are on the road traveling, and NOT burning many calories… you’ve got to cut corners where you can!  So wish me luck, McDonalds is up on the left!

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