About Jeff hopeck and Katie Ingraham

About Jeff & Katie

JEFF HOPECK – 3yr Secret Service Veteran “Nobody can possibly be too busy…”

That’s Jeff’s motto. As a 3yr Secret Service Veteran, he traveled the world… and still managed to live a super-healthy lifestyle; despite being on the run every minute of the day.

And that’s the premise of the Healthy Habits Blog- to show you simple things you can do every single day to live healthier and feel absolutely great about the most important person in the world… YOU!

“Nobody is so busy they can’t order their steak without butter…. or have vegetables instead of fries….or even drink water with extra lemon instead of lemonade.

It comes down to prioritizing what matters most in your life, and if living healthier is at the top (where it should be)…. you will do whatever it takes to live healthier!”

Be sure to visit Jeff’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL for unlimited exercise videos!

KATIE INGRAHAM – 2nd degree black belt in Taido Karate. I don’t believe in diets….I believe in smarter choices.

Each day, we make thousands of decisions. If you can commit to making just 2 or 3 smarter decisions, you’re already living a healthier life! Making a smart decision can be tough, especially with fast food temptations on every street corner.

My passion is to help you life a healthier life by making small, simple tweaks to your daily routine. Inserting healthy alternatives that will save hundreds of calories at the end of the day…. and keep you feeling great!

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