Live Blogging from the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder

Live Blogging from the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder Published by Alison on May 21, 2015

I had a pretty rocking time at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in beautiful (and super sunny) Boulder, Colorado. Part of the three-day event entailed live blogging — hyper-speedily. It’s like dating — meeting a potential love-match and drawing conclusions in the first few seconds of meetings. Sometimes, it all comes down to the first hand shake. Seriously.

Here’s the low-down on the amorous brands I met during the Live Blogging session at the Fitness & Health Bloggers conference:

1. Whey Protein Powder Supplements, presented by Optimum Nutrition

Founded in 1985 as a sports beverage Comes in handy, tote-able sticks you empty into a bottle of water Only 1100 calories per scoop Available at most grocery stores

Optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein powder has a very, very light flavor — And is and overall excellent supplement. It smells good. I found this product is excellent for women who want to mix tasty whey protein shakes. I sampled this powder during the Live Blogging session and drank a full scoop  bottle to fuel up before our 19-mile mountain bike ride with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides.

Verdict: When you need a convenient way to refuel with electrolytes, definitely consider Optimum supps in the future..

2. Detour Bars

Has a Snickers consistency Aftertaste is a bit off-putting to me (yuck) Tastes like any other packaged protein bar I’ve had

There’s a reason I stopped eating protein bars, unless I’m driving cross-country and need a semi-healthy snack quickly procured at the gas station in Missouri. Otherwise, I’m not likely to eat this again, ever. In fact, I’d probably prefer to go hungry.

Verdict: Nasty. However, I gave a bar to my boyfriend who ate it on the plane home. He looked at me and said, “This is really good!”

3. Larabar and Cascadian Farm Organic Granola presented by Heather (@heatherdcRD) from Small Planet Foods

I’m already a Larabar fanatic. It’s the only snack bar I eat. I snatched up samples of Larabar like chasing dollar bills in the wind I said to the entire table I was at, “Larabars are fantastic.” (overzealous, much?) I gobbled up the dry sample of the Cascadian Farm Organic granola. I gave a box of the granola to my boyfriend for breakfast. He LOVED it.

Verdict: Nom, nom, nom! I will be happily munching on Larabars as long as I have teeth. And if you’re a fan of granola, definitely check out Cascadian Farm.

4.  Skinny Margarita with Casa Noble Tequila

Free drinks! Made with Casa Noble Tequila Certified organic From a sustainable distillery Ouch – Tequila is $48 a bottle 12 grams of sugar in 1 ounce

I had to read the label. When I saw the sugar count, I turned to Suzanne (aka @WorkoutNirvana) and asked, “Isn’t that high?” Then I took a sip. Mmm, tasty! With no salt added to my rim, I thoroughly enjoyed this simple, three-ingredient, all-natural margarita. And no, it’s not affiliated with Bethenny Frankel. This was so good, I ended up having 1 1/2 margaritas. Good thing the Live Blogging was the last thing we did Saturday before dinner.

Verdict: If you want to shell out $48 for tequila, pick up Casa Noble. I’m not a big tequila person, and I tend to stay away from cocktails because they can be dangerously high in sugar.

Bonus! Here’s the Skinny Margarita recipe:

Skinny Margarita 2 oz Casa Noble Crystal 1 oz fresh lime juice (or the juice of 1 whole lime) ¾ oz La Sierra agave nectar (or other organic agave nectar)

Method: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake, strain and serve up or on the rocks. Garnish with a lime wheel. To salt rim – moisten rim of glass with lime and gently roll in a plate of kosher salt.

5. Jovial Foods

I love the name of the company. They gave us einkorn pasta, high in protein and fiber. They also gave us gluten-free brown rice pasta to try too. Cooks fast, in like 13 minutes. You can find Jovial Foods at Whole Foods.

This isn’t something you can necessary try at the conference, unless munching on dry pasta is your thing. The night we got home, I made the einkorn pasta and paired it with baked salmon, spinach, and red pepper slices. Uhm, yum! I know there’s a reason I gave up pasta (I can eat my weight in it), but einkorn had me reconsidering my decision. My boyfriend enjoyed it very much too!

Verdict: Two big pasta-eating thumbs up!

6. Gluten-free Rudi’s Bread

90 calories a slice 2 grams a fat 135 mg sodium 17 grams carbs 1 gram fiber 3 grams sugar 1 gram protein Store the bread in freezer — slices thaw out fast Not vegan, as it contains egg whites

Rudi’s served us small peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They were tasty! Usually gluten-free bread is a bit nasty and flaky. Rudi’s was not like this at all. I’m happy to find a gluten-free bread out there that actually tastes good.

Verdict: Get it!

7. PopChips

Air-popped Not baked or fried, ever Comes in many different flavors Only 100 calories a bag

I can get down with some crunch. These PopChips are good! Lucky us, we got to take a whole sample box with us. I shared with my boyfriend, who said, “I love PopChips. Remember, I used to buy these.” I didn’t remember. I try not eat too many bagged snacks. You know, once you pop, you can’t… Anyway, I don’t have the guilt and salty fingertips after eating PopChips. Rest assured, the entire sampler box was very much enjoyed by not one – but two – PopChips fans.

Verdict: Mmm! Bet you can’t eat just one.

Thanks goes out to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference for letting us be courted by some healthy brands. It was one of my favorite parts of the entire conference!


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