Eating Healthier: Chicken Wings Food Label, Daily Sodium Intake, Daily Fat Intake

Death by Food Label

Do you enjoy your chicken wings every once in a while? Although painful, the following food label is the reality of unhealthy eating habits. Before we venture into examining the food label, I want you to understand 3 numbers. These numbers will help you more fully understand the label and what it means to your health. Keep in mind: 

1. The FDA Daily recommended sodium intake is 2,300-2,500mg.

2. Daily recommended fat intake is 30% of your total caloric intake. For example, if you consume 2,000 calories each day, 600 of those calories should come from fat.

3.  FACT: According to the Center for Disease Control, high salt or sodium in the diet causes raised blood pressure levels.

Keep in mind what you just read as you take a look at the following food label. The numbers will increase depending on the size and sauce you choose for your wings. One more question for you:  I know you didn’t eat only wings. Did you have blue cheese with them? Beer?  Any side orders? Now you can see why sodium is the silent killer. It retains water so you always look and feel “puffy” or bloated. In addition, it may cause high blood pressure; which in turn may lead to heart disease and/or stroke.

Can you believe the %Daily Value for Fat, Sodium, and Cholesterol? Next time you think of ordering the wings, think about these numbers and it should be pretty simple to make a healthier choice! If living longer with less chance of blockages in your arteries is something that sounds appealing, go ahead and learn more about food labels- it can save your life.  Remember, my first book is a great way for you to develop healthier lifestyle habits that will keep you looking and feeling great forever! It includes a workout DVD and results tracking journal- You can check it out at

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